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Aldo e Rosa






Founded in 1981


“We are a family who has been committed all its life to artisan leather working. With love and ever-new inspiration we produce leather bags and travel items respecting the ancient traditions of Tuscan leather working. A big family of leather craftsmen.

We are Aldo, Rosa, Morris, Michela and a wonderful group of craftsmen with skilful hands.
Our story began in 1981 when Aldo Raffa founded ‘Pelletterie Aldo Raffa’ together with his wife Rosa, producing leather goods with his own name and exporting them all over the world.

In 1995, Aldo’s son, Morris, joined the company. At just 14 years of age he began his journey of learning about the various stages of production and in 2001 his sister (figlia? Ho messo sorella perché stiamo parlando di Morris qui) entered the accounting department

Our evolution

In recent years we have specialised in trolley cases and all the items in the Travel & Business lines.

Since 2004, as a result of its production quality, the company was also chosen by some of the main world fashion brands to produce bags on behalf of third parties.

The experience gained by Pelletterie Raffa in its many years of business and especially in the production of ‘Made in Italy’ leather goods through excellent craftsmanship has allowed a growth in technology and a constant evolution as regards the customization and manufacture of the luxury product.

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