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Raffa Fashion is an Italian brand of leather bag production,

synonymous with craftsmanship and elegance.

A timeless style distinguishes bags and luggage, small leather goods and travel and business items with a refined, iconic taste.

Aldo Raffa and his wife Rosa started a leather goods line with their own name in the early eighties and, since then, the company has grown thanks to their children Morris and Michela who have become an integral part of the work team.
Raffa fashion specializes in the production of travel and business items such as suitcases, trolley cases, briefcases, as well as day-to-day bags for women and men.

The company operates in Tuscany, a land of great leather tanning tradition, of leather working and leather goods but sells bags all over the world.

It is in the Altopascio headquarters that the collections are born and developed following all the phases of craftsmanship necessary to obtain a finished item ready to make your outfit elegant.

Our craftsmen

Our craftsmen

The skilled hands of our craftsmen create unique bags through a long experience gained over years of work, and the use of special techniques.

Our leathers

Our leathers

It is the fine leathers that make Raffa bags long-lasting, sturdy but with a tasteful design and not an exaggerated look (preferisco: an understated)

The details

It is the carefully chosen materials that complete the suitcases, trolley cases and travel items and lend character without weighing down the look.

The bags

The handmade leather bags are the heart of the production at Raffa.

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Leather work bag – close to those who work

Briefcases, laptop bags, office items in general
Women’s and men’s bags

Women’s and men’s bags

Backpacks, totes, watchcases, hat boxes


Leather travel items – close to those who travel

Trolley cases, overnight bags, beauty cases, make-up bags, trunks, garment bags

The ancient tradition of Tuscan leather working is the basis of the work of the Raffa Fashion craftsmen.

Leather craftsmanship

A bag that is excellent in its design and materials results from a correct sequence of processes which only expert personnel can perform:

  • CAD design and development, or printing existing models sent by the customer with the plotter
  • hand cutting and shearing, with automatic cutting machines for large productions, managed by a specialized external partner
  • preparation, then thinning and stripping of the various pieces that make up the model
  • Gluing and trimming
  • Colour finishing by hand and machine, and oven drying
  • Stitching
  • Assembly by hand
  • Assembly of metal parts
  • Finishing and quality control of the finished product.
  • Packaging

Once these phases have been followed rigorously, the bag is ready to be shipped and finally worn.

Choosing a handmade bag means loving uniqueness and sometimes even small imperfections.

The hands of Raffa Fashion craftsmen are expert and used to treating the leather with care and precision: every movement, every cut, every seam is made with the utmost attention thanks to the deep knowledge of the material.

A Raffa bag represents classic Italian style and thanks to the use of fine leather it has advantages that are important to understand::

  • With its elegant design it will never go out of style
  • It has the quality of being long-lasting: a good leather bag can also last a lifetime
  • It is the natural material par excellence
  • The leather breathes and therefore guarantees that both it and its contents will last
  • It is elastic, that is why the bag softens over time maintaining its shape and sturdiness unchanged
  • In relationship to its durability, it is not expensive

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